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Here at Baker Septic, we’re all about making things easy for our customers. That’s why we’ve streamlined our contact process to ensure you can reach out to us quickly and without any fuss.

Should you require immediate help or wish to set up a service appointment, our dedicated phone line is just a call away. Our friendly customer service team is always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns.

In case of less urgent matters or for those who prefer online communication, we’ve got you covered as well. Our ‘Contact Us’ form, located on our website, is simple to use. Just input the required details, and a member of our team will respond promptly.


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Excellent4.6 Based on 262 reviews from review us onJack WolfeJack Wolfe ★★★★★ ( Written on behalf of Teddy); Baker Septic sent Terry over to our place just a few hours after we left them a message, and he did an amazing job. He communicated better than any worker we’ve had on this property (we’ve had many this year, as we’ve just moved) and answered all of our questions and then some. On top of that, our tanks turned out to be full (and unexpectedly huge) but he handled it like a champ and got our previously-sewage-filling-house in a good enough place for plumbers to look at later this week. We will be going to Baker Septic for our future needs and requesting Terry whenever possible. He was so communicative, helpful, and downright competent. Thank you so much Baker Septic and Terry!Megan GebhardtMegan Gebhardt ★★★★★ Michael answered phone promptly on Sunday for a septic emergency and sent out Rob Stewart within a few hours to diagnose and solve the problem. Great team! Super knowledgeable. I now plan to use Baker Septic for all my septic needs.Kathy SettemKathy Settem ★★★★★ Rob was awesome! Communicated well throughout the process. Was able to pinpoint and fix the problem in one visit saving us some money. Very professional and came to our rescue within a day.Josh GellerJosh Geller ★★★★★ Francisco came out to do our annual inspection. He was very friendly and knowledgeable and gave me good info about how my system worked and how to maintain it. I would definitely recommend Baker Septic to anyone and ask for Francisco to do your job!Peggy ParkerPeggy Parker ★★★★★ All I can say is the company was faced with a few extra, unexpected hurdles -- all from my end -- and managed to clear them with ease. This was my first time ordering service and I had a chaotic morning that could have resulted in me not being able to meet the truck, but I called the office to see if they could nail down the arrival (they offer a four-hour window) so they contacted the driver and texted me right back. Once here, Aaron was that perfect combination of a professional -- he answered my questions quickly with extra relevant info -- who has a happy outlook on life.In other words, he was a pleasure to have here. He offered further information related to my earlier questions and took five minutes to answer questions about the drain field after the tank was pumped. He finished sooner that we expected. At the front end, the office gave me the range of prices, and Aaron elaborated on that once he saw my system.I am happy with the price and especially happy with the quality of work Aaron and the Baker Septic team did. I highly recommend them.George MaddenGeorge Madden ★★★★☆ One of Baker Septic’s employees, Francisco G. was able to accomplish what several other septic companies could not, locating a second tank where others had failed. He proved to be an exceptionally hard worker despite a condensed timeline. There seemed to be a disconnect between him and management, however. Despite an appointment specifically to clean the septic tanks, they sent him out to simply locate and inspect, hence the lost star.Nathan KrammeNathan Kramme ★★★★★ Francisco with Baker Septic really helped my family and I with a septic failure. Me not being the most familiar with septic systems not to mention the complexity of our situation, he provided superior service with knowledgeable advice on how to move forward that gave my family and I peace of mind knowing we would be taken care of.Diane MannDiane Mann ★★★★★ Thank you for sending Rob out! He had my drain cleared in no time at all. 😊 He was professional and very patient with me. I was his last appointment at the end of what was probably a very long day. Yet I was treated with the same care as the first appointment. What a great employee. Rob is why I will call Baker Septic again . 🙂Leslie AshLeslie Ash ★★★★★ Needed septic inspection. Francisco G. kept us informed on time he would arrive. Explained what he was doing and his findings so we understand more how the system works.Found a problem, explained what needed to be done to correct and options for cost containment. ( We had pumping scheduled but repair requires empty tanks so he recommended holding pumping until day of repair so we did not incur second pumping charge, having area dug out prior to repair crew arrival).Received call first thing the next morning from Michael, reviewing findings and to go over estimate. He cancelled pumping so we could review and schedule repair.In this day and age, finding companies with employees who treat their clients with such patience and honesty is priceless!Thank you so very much.Jessica McPhailJessica McPhail ★★★★★ Francisco is very personable, he greeted me and struck up a conversation. He was very pleasant to talk to and very efficient at his task… he informed me of the process and what he needed and left everything very clean for such a dirty job!!! lol. He even put down cardboard on the driveway where he knew the pump truck would drip oil!Much appreciated!!! Thank youDavid BoleyDavid Boley ★★★★★ We were lucky to have Fransisco visit our home when we had a septic tank issue. He arrived the same day we called and went above and beyond with creative problem solving to fix our issues. This is exactly the kind of skilled tradesman you want when you need real help, he was the opposite of just a nameless employee punching the clock. 5 stars all the way! Thank you Baker Septic Plumbing and thank you Fransisco!Doug CrossDoug Cross ★★★★★ Francisco was so friendly and knowledgeable! He explained how our septic system works and what he was doing at each step of the pumping/inspection process. He offered great tips on maintaining our system and his glove game was on point! I feel so much more confident with our system than before he came out. I wouldn't call anyone else for my future septic needs! Thank you!Danielle MDanielle M ★★★★★ Francisco came out on a Sunday when we had a septic emergency! This is our first experience living with a septic tank. We called Baker Septic and the friendly dispatcher sent him out. He was friendly, informative and very knowledgeable. We look forward to using their services for many years! Thank you for the learning experience:)Jonathan FayJonathan Fay ★★★★★ Francisco Gomez was extremely friendly, helpful and professional. He did a great and amazing job of taking care of everything in a super careful way went out of his way to make sure that the driveway and the route to the septic tank was kept clean and did an amazing job on the pump out and then advising me on septic care. I would highly recommend Francisco Gomez and Baker septic to pump your tank. The staff on the phone was very friendly and efficient. They got me scheduled quickly. I have used them in the past, and this type of experience is very typical of their high-quality service.js_loader

Septic systems can often be a mystery to homeowners, causing confusion and stress when issues arise. At Baker Septic Tank Pumping, we understand the importance of educating our customers about their septic systems. That’s why we have created an FAQ section on our website to address some of the most commonly asked questions about septic systems. As a leading septic company, we want our customers to have a clear understanding of how their septic system works and what they can do to maintain it properly. In this FAQ, we will delve into some of the questions that we receive frequently and provide answers to help our customers feel more confident and informed about their septic systems.

The frequency at which your septic system should be pumped depends on several factors. These include the number of occupants in your home, the volume of water consumed, the use of a garbage disposal, and the size and age of your septic tank. Ideally, the size of your septic tank should correspond with the number of bedrooms in your home. As a rough guideline, here’s what we recommend:

  • If you have a household of one, pump your tank every five years.
  • For two people, we suggest every four years.
  • If your household consists of three members, consider pumping your tank every three years.
  • Lastly, for a household of four to five people, it’s advisable to pump your septic tank every two years.

Remember, these are guidelines and actual frequency may vary based on your unique circumstances. Proper maintenance can help prolong the life of your septic system and prevent expensive repairs or replacements.

It’s important to note some best practices for septic system use. Firstly, try to limit grease discharge, as this can clog the tank and drain field lines, leading to system failure. Stick to biodegradable products, as non-biodegradable items can interfere with the tank’s bacterial balance. Limiting the use of garbage disposals is also crucial; they increase the amount of solids in the tank which bacteria can’t break down. When these particles reach the leaching field, they can cause irreparable damage. So, if you can’t forgo your disposal, you should consider having your septic tank cleaned annually. In addition to these tips, we also provide an easy-to-follow Do’s and Don’ts page on our website. This can serve as a quick reference for homeowners on what can and can’t go into the septic system. It’s vital to adhere to these guidelines to prevent septic system failure. At Baker Septic Tank Pumping, we aim to empower our customers with information to help them properly manage their septic systems. Keep these pointers in mind to ensure optimal functioning of your system.

Your septic system is not a trash can and should not be treated as such. Certain materials can seriously damage your system or lead to clogs. Avoid flushing food scraps, coffee grounds, fats, grease, and oils down the drain as they can accumulate and cause blockages in the system. Personal hygiene items like sanitary napkins, Q-tips, condoms, and disposal diapers or baby wipes are not designed to be broken down in a septic system and can cause serious problems. Similarly, plastic bags and cat litter should never be flushed. Be conscious about hazardous chemicals such as paint, varnish, thinners, pesticides, and oils. These substances can kill the beneficial bacteria in your septic tank that help break down waste. Even seemingly harmless items like paper towels can be problematic as they do not decompose quickly. Cigarette butts are another common culprit of septic system clogs. Lastly, limit the use of antibacterial soaps. While these are good for personal hygiene, they can harm the bacteria in your septic tank needed to break down waste. By avoiding these items, you can help preserve the life of your septic system and prevent costly repairs.

If you find yourself in the midst of a septic emergency, it is crucial to keep your composure and take swift action. Begin by minimizing water usage within your residence or commercial establishment. This crucial first step can help contain the situation and prevent it from escalating further.

Your immediate action should then be to reach out to the professionals at Baker Septic Tank Pumping. Our experienced team is always prepared to provide assistance during septic emergencies. Once you make the call, we can provide you with crucial guidance on the next steps you should take while you wait for our response team to arrive at your location.

Remember, trying to resolve a septic emergency on your own without professional help could potentially make the problem worse. Septic issues require specialized knowledge and equipment to be dealt with properly. At Baker Septic Tank Pumping, we have both the expertise and the necessary tools to ensure the issue is resolved as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

During this stressful time, it’s vital to remember that we are just a call away, ready to offer our assistance. A septic emergency doesn’t have to be a disaster with the right support on hand. Trust us to provide swift, reliable, and professional service during your time of need.

Recognizing the early signs of septic system failure can save you from costly repairs and possible health hazards. Noticing slow drainage from your sinks, tubs, toilets, or washing machine is often the first indicator. Another telling sign is a backup of toilets, sinks, drains, or even your washing machine. This is usually followed by unpleasant sewage odors. If you hear gurgling sounds when you flush or drain water, that can be a signal of a problem as well. Wet or mushy ground around your tank or the drain field area is a clear sign of system failure. Also, take note of any grass growing faster or appearing greener in one particular area of your lawn as this could be an indication of an overflowing tank. If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact us at Baker Septic Tank Pumping. We’re here to help you maintain a healthy and effective septic system.

A septic riser, in simple terms, is an extension that’s attached to your septic tank to bring the tank’s opening to or near the ground surface. This may seem like a relatively small change, but it significantly streamlines the process of maintaining your septic system.

A riser is generally composed of durable material such as PVC, polyethylene, or concrete, and it is installed with a secure cover. The cover is usually made of the same or similar material as the riser itself and is designed to bear the weight of regular foot traffic, and in some cases, light vehicle traffic. It’s worth noting that the choice of material may vary depending on the specific requirements of the septic system and local regulations.

The design of a septic riser includes a lid or cover that is easy to open and close but secure enough to prevent unauthorized access. This balance between accessibility and safety is critical to ensure that the septic system is easy to maintain without compromising its secure operation.

Septic risers come in various sizes, and the appropriate size depends on several factors, including the depth and size of the septic tank, the type of septic system, and specific local codes and regulations. While some septic tanks are installed close to the ground surface and may not require a riser, many are installed several feet below ground and need a riser for easy access.

As a part of your septic system, risers serve a crucial function by making your tank readily accessible for regular maintenance, inspections, and pumping. By bringing the opening of the tank to ground level, they eliminate the need to dig each time the tank needs to be accessed, thereby reducing the time, labor, and costs involved in these essential tasks.

The significance of regular septic inspections cannot be overstated, primarily due to their role in preemptively identifying potential issues. By spotting concerns in their early stages, one can prevent them from escalating into hefty, destructive problems. Take, for instance, a septic system that begins to leak. Not only can this damage your property, but it can also infiltrate and contaminate nearby water bodies, jeopardizing your family’s health.