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Septic Risers

Septic Risers

Riser Installation

Installing risers and lids

The Benefits of Septic Tank Riser Installation
Risers are ultimately all about convenience. They are beneficial for homeowners who no longer want to remove sod and dig several feet into the ground to access their septic tank and make general maintenance of a septic tank easy. Installing an above-ground riser for immediate tank access (and no digging at all) would include many benefits such as no labor to dig up tank lid, and always knowing where your tank location is at just to name a few.


Choosing and Installing Septic Tank Risers
Risers can be made of PVC, polyethylene, or fiberglass. We typically recommend installing risers made of PVC, which is watertight, lightweight, and strong. While concrete risers might be cheaper, they are also far heavier and can crumble and decay over time. When installing a new riser, we will come out to your property to determine the current state of your tank and will review with you all of your options.  All riser lids have a locking system on them so they are safe for children and pets.

To install a new riser on your septic tank, call Baker Septic today. We install risers for all customers in Whatcom, Skagit, Island & Northern Snohomish Counties. We are always happy to discuss with you your individual septic tank needs.

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